All-Union Printing Exhibition. The first collection.

Place of publication: Moscow: Union Printing ExhibitionYear of publishing: 1927Pages and Illustrations: [102] p., [20]  sh. ill.Size: 34.5 ? 26.5 cm.The All-Union Printing Exhibition was opened on September 15, 1927 in Moscow on Krymsky Val.. read more >


Social Democratic Parties: Die sozialdemokratischen Parteien. Their Role in the Modern International Labour Movement.

Place of publication: Moscow-Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg): "Moskovskij rabochij"Year of publishing: 1927Pages and Illustrations: 255 p.Size: 23,5 х 15 cm.Varga Yevgeny Samuilovich (Varga Jeno, 1879-1964) was a Soviet economist, a well-known scientist.. read more >


Kolyma. Socio-economic and literary magazine. 1937, No. 1 January-March.

Place of publication: Magadan: "Sovetskaya Kolyma"Year of publishing: 1937Pages and Illustrations: 98 p.Size: 26 х 18 cm.The issue is dedicated to the Constitution of the USSR, an obituary on S. Ordzhonikidze (one of the main leaders in Soviet Russia.. read more >


Kolyma. Socio-economic and literary magazine. 1936, No. 2-3 June-September.

Place of publication: Magadan: "Sovetskaya Kolyma"Year of publishing: 1936Pages and Illustrations: 117 p., ph.Size: 26,6 х 19 cm.Photo and notes about the visit to Magadan (a Russian port city) by the leaders of Dalstroy — Deribas, Lavrientiev, Kruto.. read more >


Decree of the first congress of councils USSR.

Place of publication: Moscow: Izdanie CIKYear of publishing: 1923Pages and Illustrations: 12, [1] p.Size: 26 х 18 cm.The I All-Union Congress of Soviets is a congress of representatives of Soviets of workers, peasants and Red Army deputies, held on D.. read more >


[First publication of very important document] Osnovnoj zakon o sozialisatsii zemli, prinyatij Vserossijskim Ispolnitelnim Komitetom Sovetov… [The Basic Law on the Socialization of the Earth, Princesses by the All-Russian Executive Committee of Soviets]

Place of publication: Petrograd Typography: Revolutionary socialism Year of publishing: 1918 Pages and Illustrations: 24, 8 p. Condition: Good condition, a torn in the first leaf. The first publication of this very important document. Collector’s.. read more >


What do the socialists want?

Place of publication: Petersburg Typography: Printing house of a group of populists (narodnikov) Year of publishing: 1883 Pages and Illustrations: 10 pp.The rarest underground publication. Anti-government pamphlet duplicated with a hectograph in s.. read more >

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The first of May 1892. Four speeches of Jewish workers.

Place of publication: Geneve Typography: The Social Democratic Library Year of publishing: 1893 Pages and Illustrations: XXV, 27 p.The prohibited edition, not in the RSL catalog. For the first time, May Day was celebrated in 1890 in the USA and se.. read more >


Collection "Red Karelia". Kokoelma "Punainen Karjala".

Place of publication: Petrozavodsk Typography: People's Commissariat of the Autonomous Karelian Soviet Socialist Republic Year of publishing: 1925 Pages and Illustrations: 146 p., 148 p.A collection of materials of an official nature concerning th.. read more >


Questions of tactics. [Published by V.I. Lenin]

Place of publication: Paris: Publishing House of the Central Authority R.S.-D.R.P. "Socialidemocrat".  Year of publishing: 1912 Pages and Illustrations: 59, [3] p. Dust jacket: noThe book of the famous revolutionary Grigory Yevseyevich Zinovi.. read more >


Photo album of the exhibition "History of the Civil War".

Place of publication: Moscow Year of publishing: 1932 Pages and Illustrations: 34 sheets.An album of original photographs of the stands of the exhibition held in the Archive of the Red Army in Moscow in 1932. A total of 34 photographs 16.5x23.5 c.. read more >

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