[First publication of very important document] Osnovnoj zakon o sozialisatsii zemli, prinyatij Vserossijskim Ispolnitelnim Komitetom Sovetov… [The Basic Law on the Socialization of the Earth, Princesses by the All-Russian Executive Committee of Soviets]

The first publication of the Law on Land that transferred the land from private ownership to the public (in fact, state) property by confiscation it from the landlords and large private land holdings. Under this law, local committees of the poor enf.. read more >


Skazka pro Kolku Kabatchika, Proshku Menshevika da Proshku Bolshevika [Guy, Gr. The Tale of Kolka Kabatchik, Proshka Menshevik and Proshka Bolshevik]

Political satire on the bolsheviks about the events of 1917. "As ill luck would have it, the sleepy bolshevik Proshka was bitten by a fly. But it was not just a fly but the one called Lenin the fly. The German just then released it". Very rare book... read more >


Cross calendar for 1918.

The last cross calendar, published already under the Provisional Government. A copy from the library of V.Ya. Bryusov: the signature “Valery Bryusov” and the stamp of his Museum-apartment on the front cover, on the inside— “Library of V. Bryusov” in .. read more >