Decree of the first congress of councils USSR

The I All-Union Congress of Soviets is a congress of representatives of Soviets of workers, peasants and Red Army deputies, held on December 30, 1922 in Moscow.The congress approved the Declaration and the Treaty on the Formation of a New State - the.. read more >


Lenin V.I. Convolute: 1. The programs of `Zhizn`,` Iskra` and `Zarja` with the appendix of reviews about them; 2. [Maslov, Peter]. About the agrarian program, X; Lenin N. Response to criticism of our draft program. Geneva, ed. G.A. Kuklina, Russian League

Two books published in the Russian print shops in Geneva. “The Programs” were edited by Lenin, and some texts were written by him, for example “The Announcement of the publication of ‘Iskra’” (p. 12–17). The second book contains criticism of the agra.. read more >

$1 000.00

Dielectrics and their technical application (With 190 pictures). The main electrical engineering management of the Supreme Economic Council.

Scientific work of the outstanding Russian philosopher, theologian, poet and scientist, priest Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky (1882–1937). Rare book. Condition: Back cover missing... read more >


A woman on Islam and in Islam.

The book of the famous Muslim public figure A. Agayev (1868–1939), an Orientalist (studied in St. Petersburg and the Sorbonne), an ideologist of Pan-Turkism, an active participant in the First All-Russian Muslim Congress (1905), the founder of the Az.. read more >


The military history of our Kalmyks. Stavropol Kalmyk regiment and Astrakhan regiments in the Patriotic War of 1812.

Historical work on the Kalmyk (Buddhist) regiments of the Russian army (in fact, the only study of Russian Buddhist soldiers). An important work on the military history of the Kalmyk people in Russia, written by a historian and local historian, found.. read more >

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Jewish Autonomous Region. For local council elections.

The book authored by the secretary of the regional committee of the Jewish Autonomous Region, created in 1934. Summary of the results of the first five years of the region’s existence. Printed in the newly built city of Birobidzhan. A very rare book... read more >


Birobidzhan communard. The original drawing.

The original drawing of Gersh Bentsionovich Inger (1910–1995), an artist, one of the prominent figures of the Jewish avant-garde of the 1920s, later he became especially famous for his illustrations to the works of Sholom Aleichem. Not published. 24x.. read more >


A pocket book for Russian soldiers in Turkish campaigns. Part 2: The basic rules of the Turkish language.

A copy of a friend of Pushkin, Prince. P. Vyazemsky The book was published for veterans of the war with Turkey 1828–1829. Comes from the collection of the diplomat, senator, writer Prince Pavel Petrovich Vyazemsky (1820–1888), the son of the poet P.A.. read more >

$1 500.00