Mikhail Terentyev. [Convolute] The grammars Turkish, Persian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek + Turkish, Persian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek anthologies.

Place of publication: Sankt-Petersburg: Printing House of the Imperial Academy of SciencesYear of publishing: 1875, 1876Pages and Illustrations: 209 p. + 96 p., 8 sheets of the appendix.Size: 15x22 cm.Two books in one binding. Mikhail Afrikanovi.. read more >


Decree of the first congress of councils USSR.

Place of publication: Moscow: Izdanie CIKYear of publishing: 1923Pages and Illustrations: 12, [1] p.Size: 26 х 18 cm.The I All-Union Congress of Soviets is a congress of representatives of Soviets of workers, peasants and Red Army deputies, held on D.. read more >


The revolutionary youth of Mongolia. Materials of the IV Congress of the Mongolian Revolutionary Youth Union October 17-22, 1925 With preface of Vujovic

Place of publication: Ulaanbaatar-Hoto, Year of publishing: 1925 Pages and Illustrations: 88 p., illustrations.Transcript of speeches at the congress in Ulaanbaatar and adopted resolutions. Most of the participants were later arrested and shot for .. read more >


Rare historical document. List of detainees on February 25, 1917 at the premises of the Working Group of the Central Military-Industrial Committee

Place of publication: Saint-Petersburg Year of publishing: 1917 Pages and Illustrations: 4 sheets.Historical document from the Department of Defense of Public Security and Order of the Russian Empire: a typewritten list/table with intelligence on p.. read more >


Jewish Autonomous Region. For local council elections.

Place of publication: Birobidzhan Year of publishing: 1939 Pages and Illustrations: 50 p.The book was authored by the secretary of the regional committee of the Jewish Autonomous Region, established in 1934. Summary of the results of the first five.. read more >


Dielectrics and their technical application (with 190 pictures). The main electrical engineering management of the Supreme Economic Council.

Place of publication: Moscow Year of publishing: 1924 Pages and Illustrations: 388, IV p.Scientific work of the outstanding Russian philosopher, theologian, poet and scientist, priest Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky (1882–1937). Rare book. Condition:.. read more >