The first Soviet steamship "Comrade Stalin".

Place of publication: Leningrad: Publishing house of the Leningrad SudotrestYear of publishing: 1927Pages and Illustrations: 38 p., ill., plans, tablesSize: 26х18 сm.A rare departmental publication dedicated to the first Soviet steamship na.. read more >


Why did I stop being a revolutionary?

Place of publication: Paris Typography: Albert Savine Year of publishing: 1888 Pages and Illustrations: 40 p."Repentance letter" — an explanation of a famous revolutionary, a member of the Central Committee first of "Land and Liberty" and then of .. read more >


What do the socialists want?

Place of publication: Petersburg Typography: Printing house of a group of populists (narodnikov) Year of publishing: 1883 Pages and Illustrations: 10 pp.The rarest underground publication. Anti-government pamphlet duplicated with a hectograph in s.. read more >

$4 000.00

The list of icons of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius before the 18th century and the most typical of the 18-th and 19-th centuries. + Suppliments 1, 2, 3. Commission for the Protection of Monuments of Art and Antiquities of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra

Place of publication: Sergiev Year of publishing: 1920-1927 Pages and Illustrations: [2] 268; 4, 8, 34 p., 1 ill.4 volumes (full set). Count Yuri Olsufiev (1878–1938), a Russian art critic and restorer, son of the Adjutant General, mareschal, chief.. read more >

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Rare historical document. List of detainees on February 25, 1917 at the premises of the Working Group of the Central Military-Industrial Committee

Place of publication: Saint-Petersburg Year of publishing: 1917 Pages and Illustrations: 4 sheets.Historical document from the Department of Defense of Public Security and Order of the Russian Empire: a typewritten list/table with intelligence on p.. read more >


Cross calendar for 1918.

Place of publication: Moscow Typography: A.Gatzuk Year of publishing: 1917 Condition: Original cover Pages and Illustrations: 64 pp., applications.The last cross calendar, published already under the Provisional Government. A copy from the librar.. read more >