Komu nuzhna vrazhda k evrejam. [Ostrovsky Z. Who needs hostility towards Jews?]

A propaganda publication against anti-Semitism, the rise of which in the USSR has been observed since the late 1920s. The author is Zinovy Grigoryevich Ostrovsky, journalist, writer, veteran of the Second World War. Very rare, there is only one copy .. read more >


Higher school in the RSFSR and the new students.

Luxuriously designed large-format book containing portraits of party leaders on separate sheets (including a color portrait of Lenin by S. Chekhonin), illustrations on separate sheets and in the text, numerous photographs of the typical “proletarian .. read more >


Cross calendar for 1918.

The last Cross Сalendar, published already under the Provisional Government. A copy from the library of V.Ya. Bryusov: the signature “Valery Bryusov” and the stamp of his Museum-apartment on the front cover, on the inside— “Library of V. Bryusov” in .. read more >


A pocket book for Russian soldiers in Turkish campaigns. Part 2: The basic rules of the Turkish language.

A copy of a friend of Pushkin, Prince. P. Vyazemsky The book was published for veterans of the war with Turkey 1828–1829. Comes from the collection of the diplomat, senator, writer Prince Pavel Petrovich Vyazemsky (1820–1888), the son of the poet P.A.. read more >

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