Denisov V. War and lubok

Publishing cover and title page of the work of D. I. Mitrokhin. Situation of war always needs a simplified image of reality for propaganda purposes. This book is the first study on military prints , as a separate genre of "Russian folk pictures" duri.. read more >


Photo album of the exhibition "History of the Civil War".

An album of original photographs of the stands of the exhibition held in the Archive of the Red Army in Moscow in 1932. A total of 34 photographs 16.5x23.5 cm.Original binding. No more than 10 copies of the album were released. Most likely, the onl.. read more >

$2 500.00

Birobidzhan communard. The original drawing.

The original drawing of Gersh Bentsionovich Inger (1910–1995), an artist, one of the prominent figures of the Jewish avant-garde of the 1920s, later he became especially famous for his illustrations to the works of Sholom Aleichem. Not published.Hist.. read more >