Kolyma. Socio-economic and literary magazine. 1937, No. 1 January-March

The issue is dedicated to the Constitution of the USSR, obituary on S. Ordzhonikidze (one of the main leaders in Soviet Russia), Kolyma stories I. Gehtman.Economics, periodicals, Socialism, Soviet history.. read more >


Kolyma. Socio-economic and literary magazine. 1936, No. 2-3 June-September

Photo and notes about the visit to Magadan (a Russian port city) by the leaders of Dalstroy — Deribas, Lavrientiev, Krutov and Berzin. Articles on gold mining, hydrogeology of the Kolyma river, geodesy, agriculture, reindeer husbandry.Economics, peri.. read more >


Capital. Criticism of political economy. T. 2: The process of capital circulation.

The first Russian publication of the 2nd volume of Marx’s “Capital”. Translated by economist, revolutionary and interpreter N.F. Danielson (1844–1918), this translation became the work of his life. This 2nd volume appeared in print in Russian in the .. read more >

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