Ladygina-Kots, N. N. The Сhimpanzee Child and the Human Child in Their Instincts, Emotions, Games, Habits, and Expressive Movements. With 145 tables / ill. by V. Vatagin

Place of publication: Moscow: State Publishing House of Darwin MuseumYear of publishing: 1935Pages and Illustrations: XVI, 596 p., 23 ill. Appendix: photo tables. [2] p., 120 ill.Size: 25,5x18 cm.Text volume and Atlas.Nadezhda Nikolaevna Ladygin.. read more >


Harper Lee. [First Russian translation] To Kill a Mockingbird (Ubyt peresmeshnika).

Place of publication: Moscow: Moscow Architectural SocietyYear of publishing: 1964The first publication in Russian (Harper Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird. Roman-gazeta No. 4 (304). Moscow, Khudozhestvennaya Literatura,1964,128 p.). The first se.. read more >


All-Union Printing Exhibition. The first collection.

Place of publication: Moscow: Union Printing ExhibitionYear of publishing: 1927Pages and Illustrations: [102] p., [20]  sh. ill.Size: 34.5 ? 26.5 cm.The All-Union Printing Exhibition was opened on September 15, 1927 in Moscow on Krymsky Val.. read more >


Oscar Wilde. The birthday of the Infanta.

Place of publication: Moscow: KnebelYear of publishing: 1915Pages and Illustrations: [4], 38 p., ill.The first edition in Russian of the famous fairy tale by Oscar Wilde. Published by the Moscow publishing house Knebel, specializing in the production.. read more >


L. N. Tolstoy in the Image of Russian Artists.

Place of publication: IzoogizYear of publishing: 1953Size: 30x23 cm.The set includes: a publishing folder, a book with a description of reproductions (13, [2] p., 29x22 cm.), 27 illustrations (29x22 cm.). The set is complete. The condition is good. S.. read more >


Flags of the USSR.

Place of publication: Moscow: Izvestia Publishing HouseYear of publishing: 1959.Pages and Illustrations: 40 p.Size: 25 х 38 cm.Dust jacket with a gold relief coat of arms of the USSR. On each page – the flag and coat of arms of one of the Soviet.. read more >


Albom vyshivok (Album of embroidery).

Place of publication: MoscowTypography: GizlegpromYear of publishing: 1941Pages and Illustrations: 16 pp.   Handbook on embroidery. Artistic cover.Colorful illustrations with examples of embroidery. The book is in good condition. Scuffs on.. read more >


Toys from matchboxes. Book for children.

Place of publication: Moscow-Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg): State Publishing HouseYear of publishing: 1931Pages and Illustrations: 32 p., [18] ill. Size: 19,5 х 13,5 cm.Soviet children's book of the 30s, teaching children to create toys from the .. read more >


Denisov V. War and lubok

Place of publication: Petrograd Year of publishing: 1916 Pages and Illustrations: 41 p. Size: 280 x 205 mmPublishing cover and title page of the work of D. I. Mitrokhin. The situation of war always needs a simplified image of reality for propagand.. read more >


Aron Gefter. On grim. Karikaturn (Without makeup. Caricatures)

Place of publication: Moscow Typography: Der Emes Year of publishing: 1933 Pages and Illustrations: 12 p., 65 ill.The album of political cartoons of Aron Naumovich Gefter (1894–1963), a graphic artist, graduate of Vilno Art College, Higher Art and.. read more >

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Longfellow H.W. Kniga dlya detei. Gayavata. Skazka iz zhizny severo-amerikanskyh indeitsev [The song of Hiawath. A tale from the life of North American Indians], thirty drawings by N. N. Karasin

Place of publication: St. Petersburg Typography: Tip. A.S. Suvorina Year of publishing: 1890 Pages and Illustrations: xiv, 151, 1, [1]. pp. 50 с., 15 pic. Size: 150 x 220 mm. Condition: Binding and spine in good condition. Water stains and minor.. read more >