Toys from matchboxes.Book for children.

Soviet children's book of the 30s, teaching children to create toys from the simplest and most primitive materials... read more >


Denisov V. War and lubok.

Publishing cover and title page of the work of D.I. Mitrokhin. Situation of war needs always a simplified image of reality for propaganda purposes. This book is the first study on military prints , as a separate genre of `Russian folk pictures` durin.. read more >


Kniga dlya detei. Gayavata .Skazka iz zhizny severo-amerikanskyh indeitsev[The song of Hiawath.A tale from the life of North American Indians.]thirty drawings by N.N. Karasin.

The Song of Hiawatha is a classic monument to American literature. It was published in the USA in November 1855 and was immediately accepted by a wide circle of readers. Since then, it has been reprinted many times (six months after its first publ.. read more >

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