Sorokin Pitirim. Popular textbook of sociology (Obshchedostupniy uchebnik sotziologii).

Place of publication: Yaroslavl: Publishing House of the Credit Union of CooperativesYear of publishing: 1920Pages and Illustrations: 291 + V p.A very rare edition of a world-famous sociologist. Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin (1889 - 1968) w.. read more >

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Ladygina-Kots, N. N. The Сhimpanzee Child and the Human Child in Their Instincts, Emotions, Games, Habits, and Expressive Movements. With 145 tables / ill. by V. Vatagin

Place of publication: Moscow: State Publishing House of Darwin MuseumYear of publishing: 1935Pages and Illustrations: XVI, 596 p., 23 ill. Appendix: photo tables. [2] p., 120 ill.Size: 25,5x18 cm.Text volume and Atlas.Nadezhda Nikolaevna Ladygin.. read more >


Clark Arthur. Moon Dust.

Place of publication: Moscow: ZnanieYear of publishing: 1965Pages and Illustrations: 344 p."Russians are the most talented space researchers and computer scientists in the world. The secret of Russia's future prosperity is in its minds. It is the spe.. read more >


[Father of Russian mathematics — 200th anniversary] Chebyshev P. L. A set of six separate offprints from the 1860-1880s.

Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev (1821 –1894) — a Russian mathematician considered to be the founding father of Russian mathematics. Chebyshev is known for his fundamental contributions to the fields of probability, statistics, mechanics, and number theory... read more >

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[Doctoral dissertation of the father of Russian aviation science] Zhukovsky, N. E. About the strength of the movement.

Place of publication: Moscow: University printYear of publishing: 1882Pages and Illustrations: [2], 104 p.Size: 25?16,4 cm.Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Applied Mathematics, which he defended on April 30, 1882. Nikolai Yegorovich Zhuk.. read more >

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[Nobel laureate dissertation!] Bohr Niels. Studier over metallernes Elektrontheori (Study on the Electron Theory of Metals).

Place of publication: K?benhavnYear of publishing: 1911Pages and Illustrations: (8), 120 pp.This item is currently on reserve, please contact dealer for more details. First edition of Bohr's doctoral dissertation. It is possible, by the nat.. read more >

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Volotsky M. V. (Russian Eugenics) Raising the Life Force of a Race: A New Way.

Place of publication: Moscow Typography: Life and knowledge Year of publishing: 1923 Pages and Illustrations: 96 p.A book about the latest ideas of eugenics by a famous anthropologist, psychologist, member of the staff of the Eugenics Department o.. read more >


Omolozhenije v Rossii ["Rejuvenation" in Russia].

Place of publication: Leningrad Typography: Medicine Year of publishing: 1924 Pages and Illustrations: 144 p.A collection of scientific articles on the subject that was extremely popular in those years — rejuvenation of the body through surgical i.. read more >


Dielectrics and their technical application (with 190 pictures). The main electrical engineering management of the Supreme Economic Council.

Place of publication: Moscow Year of publishing: 1924 Pages and Illustrations: 388, IV p.Scientific work of the outstanding Russian philosopher, theologian, poet and scientist, priest Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky (1882–1937). Rare book. Condition:.. read more >


A Guide to Didactics, or the Science of Teaching.

Place of publication: Sankt Petersburg Typography: Typ. of Conrad Wingeber Year of publishing: 1837 Pages and Illustrations: [6], 166 p. Condition: Uncut copy in original wrapper, very good condition.Alexander Gr. Obodovsky (1796–1852) — a geogra.. read more >