Omolozhenije v Rossii ["Rejuvenation" in Russia]

A collection of scientific articles on the subject that was extremely popular in those years — rejuvenation of the body through surgical intervention (Steinach’s experiments on transplanting the sex glands of animals to humans); similar experiments a.. read more >


Dielectrics and their technical application (with 190 pictures). The main electrical engineering management of the Supreme Economic Council

Scientific work of the outstanding Russian philosopher, theologian, poet and scientist, priest Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky (1882–1937). Rare book. Condition: Back cover missing.Education, history, science.. read more >


A Guide to Didactics, or the Science of Teaching.

Alexander Gr. Obodovsky (1796–1852) — a geographer, educator, author of the first Russian courses in pedagogics, statistics, economic geography. Rare work for Russian teachers.Education, science... read more >