Albom vyshivok (Album of embroidery); Moscow: Gizlegprom, 1941; 16 pp.

Handbook on embroidery. Artistic cover.Colorful illustrations with examples of embroidery. The book is in good condition. Scuffs on the spine and cover. Pages are in good condition. Rare book, since books of this kind were actively used. .. read more >


Pravda o religii v Rossii (The Truth About Religion in Russia); Moscow: Moskovskaya patriarkhiya (Moscow Patriarchate),1942; (2), 458 pp., ill.

An example of Soviet propaganda. Historian Sergei Firsov linked the appearance of this book with Joseph Stalin's negotiations with the United States and Great Britain about the possibility of opening a Second Front. Franklin Roosevelt was intereste.. read more >


Solovyov V. Kritika otvlechennykh nachal (The Critique of Abstract Principles); Moscow: Universitetskaya tipografiya (University's printing house), 1880; (5), 440 pp.

Vladimir Sergeevich Solovyov (1853-1903) — a Russian religious thinker, mystic, poet and publicist, literary critic, teacher. He stood at the origins of the Russian "spiritual revival" at the beginning of the 20th century. He had a great influence.. read more >

$1 200.00

Inostrannaya literatura No. 10 (Foreign Literature No. 10); Moscow: printing house "Izvestiy Sovetov deputatov trudyashchikhsya SSSR",1960; (2), 320 pp., ill.; edition 1510

Inostrannaya literatura No. 10 (Foreign Literature No. 10); Moscow: printing house "Izvestiy Sovetov deputatov trudyashchikhsya SSSR",1960; (2), 320 pp., ill.; edition 1510. First Russian translation, first publication of famous “On the Road”,&n.. read more >


Yanovskiy Ye. Yarost (Rage); Moscow: Krestyanskaya gazeta (Peasant newspaper), 1930; 32 pp.; Ed. 2, Edition 18000 cop.

A book in artistic publishing covers. Paper sticker on the front cover. Owner's print, owner's inscription and number print on the title page. The book is in good condition. Angles of some pages are folded. Pages are in good condition. An exampl.. read more >


Dela i dni Bol'shogo dramaticheskogo teatra, Iss. 1, Iss. 2 (The affairs and days of Bolshoi drama theatre, Iss. 1, Iss. 2)

Iss. 1, Leningrad (St. Petersburg): Director's Department of the Bolshoi drama theater, 1926, (2), 65 pp., ill.; Iss. 2, N.F. Monakhov k 30-letiyu tvorcheskoy deyatel'nosti  (N. F. Monakhov to the 30th actor's activity), Leningrad (St. Petersbur.. read more >


Prekrasnoye daleko. Zhurnal esteticheskikh obrazov, mechtaniy o starinnom i vpechatleniy puteshestvuyushchikh, Ed. year 3 (Beautiful Far Away. A magazine of aesthetic images, dreams about the past, impressions of travelers, Ed. year 3);

Moscow: B. A. Sokolov, 1914; 48 pp., ill. A magazine in artistic paperback form. Owner's print at the title page. Pencil notes on the backside of the back cover. Black-and-white photos of different places in Russia. The magazine is in good condit.. read more >


Nitsshe F. (Nietzsche F.) Tak govoril Zaratustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Also sprach Zarathustra); St. Petersburg: printing house of M. M. Stalyusevich, 1899; (1), 103 pp.; Text in German and in Russian.

One of the first translation of Nietzsche into Russian language. Bilingual edition. Publishing cover. Marbling paper cover. A leather spine with golden embossing. Print on the backside of the front cover.  Owner's inscription on the title pag.. read more >


Podgorbunskiy I. Russko-mongolo-buryatskiy slovar (Russian-Mongolian-Buryat Dictionary); Irkutsk: printing and lithography house of P. Makushin and V. Posohin, 1909; 340 pp.

One of the first dictionaries of the Buryat language is the "Russian-Mongol-Buryat Dictionary" by I. A. Podgorbunsky, which was published in 1909. Podgorbunsky Innokenty Aleksandrovich (1862-1913) — a priest, missionary, teacher of the Buryat and .. read more >


Putevoditel po kurortu Bad-Naugeym (Guide to the Resort Bad Nauheim); Darmstadt: Bad Nauheim information Desk; 1909 (?); (1), 125 pp, ill., map

Publishing cover, golden letters and emblem on the front cover. Black-and-white photos of places in Bad Nauheim. Map of Bad Nauheim. Few spots on the front cover. Abrasions on the spine. Pages are in good condition. The map is torn out of the bind.. read more >


Biblioteka yazykoznaniya. Angliyskiye pisateli v obrabotke dlya russkikh (Library of language knowledge)

English writers in processing for Russians. Issues: without number 1 (Wilde O. Tales), without number 2 (Jerome K. Jerome Tales), 1 (Dickens C. The boarding house), 7 (Jacob W. Tales), 17 (Pearls of English poetry);Petrograd (St. Petersburg): The B.. read more >


Angliyskiy zhurnal dlya russkikh “The Englishman”, issues 1, 7, 9 (An English magazine for Russians "The Englishman"); Petrograd (St. Petersburg): The BLAGO Publishing Company, 1915; №. 1, 96 pp., ill.; №. 7, 95 pp., ill.; № 9, 96 pp., ill.

for Russians in publishing covers. Several illustrations in the issues. Abrasions on the edges, otherwise in good condition. Iss. 1, the spine is slightly torn at the top; pages are in good condition. Iss. 7, there are a few spots on the back.. read more >


Uayld O. (Wilde O.) Florentinskaya tragediya v odnom deystvii

(A Florentine Tragedy in One Act); Moscow: Scorpion, 1907; (4), 61 pp., a portrait of O. Wilde (P. 5), an engraving of O. Wilde (P. 13), a picture of O. Wilde (P. 62)First Russian translation. First edition of Wilde`s Florentine Tragedy.Could a b.. read more >


Tschaikowsky P. (Tchaikovsky P.) La dame de pique opera (The Queen of Spades Opera); Moscow: Music publishing house of P. Jurgenson, 1890-s, 173 pp., in Russian

Contemporary cover with a bit of dirty, emblem of the publishing house on the back cover, owner’s inscription on the front cover; owner’s signature on the title page; pages are in good condition... read more >


Shostakovich D. Desyataya simfoniya, perelozheniye avtora dlya fortepiano v 4 ruki (Symphony No. 10 arrangement by the author for piano four hands); Moscow: Muzgiz (State music publishing house), 1955; 94 p.

Contemporary cover with a few spots and three ballpoint pen notes front cover with an art frame and small little dents, a title page with owner’s inscription, the spine is torn at the bottom and taped up, pages are in good condition, edges of.. read more >


Tschaikowsky P. (Tchaikovsky P.) Yolande (Iolanta); Moscow: Imprimerie de musique P. Jurgenson (Music publishing house of P. Jurgenson), (1), 99 pp., in Russian

Embossed contemporary cover, abrasions on the edges and spine, dirt spots on the cover; art flyleaf with golden and dark-green ornamental pattern; title page with a stamp of book shop;  inscriptions of owners with a pen; the pages are in.. read more >


[Nobel laureate dissertation!] Bohr, Niels. Studier over metallernes Elektrontheori (Study on the Electron Theory of Metals)

 Afhandling for den filosofiske doktorgrad. Published by Köbenhavn, I kommission hos V. Thaning & Appel, 1911. (8), 120 pp. 1911First edition of Bohr's doctoral dissertation. This is a purely theoretical work that clearly exhibited the m.. read more >

$1 000.00

Waltz. Divertissement from Esmeralda's ballet. Music by R. Glier. Author's edition. — Moscow, 1926, 7 pp.

Gliere (1875-1956) — a Russian composer, conductor, teacher, musical and public figure. People's Artist of the USSR (1938). Laureate of three 1st degree Stalin Prizes (1946, 1948, 1950). Chevalier of three Orders of Lenin (1945, 1950, 1955). Th.. read more >


Vsyo vyshe [Higher and higher] (Red Army Air Force March) Words by Pavel German, Music by Julius Hait. Moscow, OGIZ Publishing House, 1933 (4 pp.) In Russian

Soviet song with notes in the form of a march, written and published in the spring of 1923 (although Hait himself said that the song was written in 1920). Music by Julius Abramovich Hait, lyrics by Pavel Davidovich German, Russian language. Often per.. read more >


Vse nynche Moskvichi [Everyone Today is Muscovite.] K. Listov. Festival song for voice or choir with piano accompaniment. Words by Y. Kamenetsky.

Festival song for voice or choir with piano accompaniment. Words by Russian screenwriter Y.  Kamenetsky. In illustrated publishing cover.Music.. read more >


Tahiti-Trot. Divertissement to "The Career of Pierpont Blake" operetta

Cover with an image in the style of early Soviet constructivism.Tahiti Trot, Op. 16, is Dmitri Shostakovich's 1927 orchestration of an arrangement of "Tea for Two" from the musical No, No, Nanette by Vincent Youmans. It had previously been arranged b.. read more >