[The only one in the world] Unique Russian books collection of 200+ items featuring 1920s cinema and theater publications.

Early Russian & Soviet cinema, Western cinema, theater, ballet, stage, music, photography, serials, postcards and much more. Rare items, avant-garde constructivist design.Place of publication: Moscow: Kinopechat (Teakinopechat)Year of publishing:.. read more >


Tschaikowsky P. (Tchaikovsky P.) La dame de pique opera (The Queen of Spades Opera).

Place of publication: Moscow: Music publishing house of P. JurgensonYear of publishing: 1890-sPages and Illustrations: 173 pp.In Russian. Contemporary cover with a bit of dirty, emblem of the publishing house on the back cover, owner’s inscr.. read more >


Shostakovich D. Desyataya simfoniya, perelozheniye avtora dlya fortepiano v 4 ruki [Symphony No. 10 arrangement by the author for piano four hands].

Place of publication: Moscow: Muzgiz (State music publishing house)Year of publishing: 1955Pages and Illustrations: 94 p. Contemporary cover with a few spots and three ballpoint pen notes front cover with an art frame and small little dents,.. read more >


Tschaikowsky P. (Tchaikovsky P.) Yolande (Iolanta).

Place of publication: Moscow: Imprimerie de musique P. Jurgenson (Music publishing house of P. Jurgenson)Pages and Illustrations: 99 [1] p.Size: 27,5 х 20 cm.In Russian.Embossed contemporary cover, abrasions on the edges and spine, dirt spots .. read more >


Wals. Divertissement from Esmeralda's ballet. Music by R. Glier.

Place of publication: Moscow. Author's edition.Year of publishing: 1926Pages and Illustrations: 7 pp.Condition: Good condition, pages slightly torn. Gliere (1875-1956) — a Russian composer, conductor, teacher, musical and public figure. People's.. read more >


Vsyo vyshe [Higher and higher]. (Red Army Air Force March) Words by Pavel German, Music by Julius Hait.

Place of publication: Moscow: OGIZ Publishing House. Year of publishing: 1933 Condition: Good condition, pages slightly torn.Soviet song with notes in the form of a march, written and published in the spring of 1923 (although Hait himself said that.. read more >


Tahiti-Trot. Divertissement to "The Career of Pierpont Blake" operetta.

Place of publication: Rostov. Author's Edition Year of publishing: 1927 Pages and Illustrations: 5 pp. Condition: Good condition, there are slight scuffs.Cover with an image in the style of early Soviet constructivism. Tahiti Trot, Op. 16, is Dmit.. read more >


Marseille Is Noisy at Night. Tango. Music by Y. Milyutin.

Place of publication: Moscow: Author's EditionPages and Illustrations: 5 p.Size: 25 х 33 cm. Tango was written in 1924 by composer Yuri Milyutin and playwright Nikolai Erdman. A year later, it was published with a new, ideologically sustained, but p.. read more >


Maro. Shimmu-foxtrot music by Boris Fomin. Repertoire of Y. L. Andronnikov.

Place of publication: Muztorg Publishing. Year of publishing: Pages and Illustrations: Condition: Condition is good, pages are slightly torn.A choreographic sketch of the Soviet composer Boris Ivanovich Fomin dedicated to his close friend Yuli .. read more >


Leonid Zauer. Twilight. Shimmy. Notebook.

Place of publication: Leningrad: Author's Edition. Year of publishing: 1926. Pages and Illustrations: 3 pp. Condition: Satisfactory condition. The original paper cover is torn and frayed in places.Shabby paper cover made in the style of Сonstruct.. read more >


K. Listov. Vse nynche Moskvichi (Everyone today lives in Moscow). Festival song for voice or choir with piano accompaniment. Words by Y. Kamenetsky.

Place of publication: Moscow: Publishing house Soviet composer. Year of publishing: 1957 Pages and Illustrations: 4 pp. Condition: The condition is very good. Festival song for voice or choir with piano accompaniment. Words by Russian screenwrit.. read more >


Sadko. Snegurochka. Sahnin Z. M.

Place of publication: Kiev: Sahnina Z.M Edition. Year of publishing: Sadko - 1911. Snegurochka - 1911. Pages and Illustrations: Sadko - 16 pp. Snegurochka - 32 pp. Size: Sadko - 21x8 cm. Snegurochka - 21x8 cm... read more >