Waltz.Divertissement from Esmeralda`s ballet.Music by R.Glier. Author`s edition. — Moscow, 1926, 7 pp.

Gliere (1875-1956) - Russian composer, conductor, teacher, musical and public figure. People's Artist of the USSR (1938). Laureate of three 1st degree Stalin Prizes (1946, 1948, 1950). Chevalier of three Orders of Lenin (1945, 1950, 1955). The .. read more >


Vsyo vyshe [Higher and higher] (Red Army Air Force March) Words by Pavel German, Music by Julius Hait. Moscow ,OGIZ Publishing House,1933 (4 pp.) In Russian.

Soviet song with notes in the form of a march, written and published in the spring of 1923 (although Haight himself said that the song was written in 1920). Music by Julius Abramovich Hight, lyrics by Pavel Davidovich German, Russian language. Often .. read more >


Vse nynche Moskvichi [Everything is now Muscovites.] K. Listov. Festival song for voice or choir with piano accompaniment. Words by Y. Kamenetsky.

Festival song for voice or choir with piano accompaniment. In illustrated publishing cover... read more >


Taiti-Trot.Divertissement to"The Career of Pierpont Blake" operetta .

Cover with an image in the style of early Soviet constructivism.Tahiti Trot, Op. 16, is Dmitri Shostakovich's 1927 orchestration of an arrangement of "Tea for Two" from the musical No, No, Nanette by Vincent Youmans. It had previously been arranged b.. read more >


Marseille is noisy at night.Tango.Music by Y.Milutin

Tango was written in 1924 by composer Yuri Milyutin and playwright Nikolai Erdman. A year later, it was published with a new, ideologically sustained, but plotless text by Oscar Osenin about the dark life of Marseille workers. This text was officiall.. read more >


Maro ”Shimmu-foxtrot music by Boris Fomin. Repertoire of Y. N. Andronnikov.

A choreographic sketch of the Soviet composer Boris Ivanovich Fomin dedicated to his close friend Yuli Yakovlevich Raizman, the then-famous Soviet film director, screenwriter and teacher... read more >


Leonid Zauer Twilight.Shimmy.Notebook.

Shabby paper cover made in the style of constructivism... read more >