Collection of four libretto for opera-Gibel bogof /Twilight of the Gods [Götterdämmerung-german ]; Geltaya kofta [Yellow jacket]; Bal-Mascarad [A Masked Ball]; Pikovaya dama [Queen of spades].

Twilight of the Gods (German Götterdämmerung) is a musical drama (opera) in three acts with the prologue of Richard Wagner, completing the tetralogy of the Nibelung ring. Yellow jacket is a operetta in 3 acts. Music F. Legar. False numbers N. Stre.. read more >


Mikhail Bulgakov. Theatrical Novel.

Theatrical Novel (also A Dead Man's Memoir) is an unfinished novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Written in first-person, on behalf of a writer Sergei Maksudov, the novel tells of the drama behind-the-scenes of a theatre production and the writers' world.Bulg.. read more >