A New Spectator (Noviy Zritel). Releases 18, 34, 35, 46, 50, 51.

Place of publication: Moscow: Novaya MoskvaYear of publishing: 1927Avant-garde design, attractive covers, lots of illustrations. In good condition, the block is mostly clean. "A New Spectator" was a Soviet weekly magazine. It was published in Moscow .. read more >


Friedrich, Alexander, Karl Radek (preface). Hugo Stinnes: an attempt at political characterization.

Place of publication: Moscow-BerlinYear of publishing: 1924Pages and Illustrations: XXV, 117 pp.With a foreword by Karl Radek. Translated from German by V. and I. Aranovich. Early Soviet fascination with Western industrialization is captured in .. read more >

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[The only one in the world] Unique Russian books collection of 200+ items featuring 1920s cinema and theater publications.

Early Russian & Soviet cinema, Western cinema, theater, ballet, stage, music, photography, serials, postcards and much more. Rare items, avant-garde constructivist design.Place of publication: Moscow: Kinopechat (Teakinopechat)Year of publishing:.. read more >


[The only Gypsy theater in the world] 50 years of the Gypsy theater "Romen".

Place of publication: Moscow: IzvestiaYear of publishing: 1981Pages and Illustrations: 87 p.Anniversary album dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Gypsy theater "Romen" in Moscow. There is no such academic theater anywhere else in the world, espe.. read more >


[Eisenstein's autograph] Kaufman, N., Eisenstein S. Yaponskoe kino (Japanese cinema).

Place of publication: Moscow: Tea-Kino-Pechat'Year of publishing: 1929Pages and Illustrations: 96 p., ill.Size: 16x13 cm.Russian constructivist advertising booklet with photomontage cover. There is an autograph on the title, which by the nature of th.. read more >

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Who, what, and when at the Moscow Chamber Theater: MKT 1914X1924.

Place of publication: Moscow: 16th printing house "Mospoligraf"Year of publishing: 1925Pages and Illustrations: 40 p.: ill. Size: 34,7х25 cmEdition and design of the cover by Stenbergs. The classic of book constructivism.Stenbergs, brothers Vlad.. read more >

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Yanovskiy Ye. Yarost (Rage).

Place of publication: Moscow: Krestyanskaya gazeta (Peasant newspaper)Year of publishing: 1930Pages and Illustrations: 32 pp.Second edition, 18000 copies.A book in artistic publishing covers. Paper sticker on the front cover. Owner's print, owner's .. read more >


Dela i dni Bol'shogo dramaticheskogo teatra, Iss. 1, Iss. 2 (The affairs and days of Bolshoi drama theatre, Iss. 1, Iss. 2)

Iss. 1, Leningrad (St. Petersburg): Director's Department of the Bolshoi drama theater, 1926, (2), 65 pp., ill.Iss. 2, N.F. Monakhov k 30-letiyu tvorcheskoy deyatel'nosti  (N. F. Monakhov to the 30th actor's activity), Leningrad (St. Petersburg).. read more >


Sadko. Snegurochka. Sahnin Z. M.

Place of publication: Kiev: Sahnina Z.M Edition. Year of publishing: Sadko - 1911. Snegurochka - 1911. Pages and Illustrations: Sadko - 16 pp. Snegurochka - 32 pp. Size: Sadko - 21x8 cm. Snegurochka - 21x8 cm... read more >


Collection of four libretto for opera "Gibel bogof".

Includes: "Twilight of the Gods"; "Geltaya kofta" ["Yellow Jacket"]; Bal-Mascarad ["A Masked Ball"]; "Pikovaya dama" ["Queen of Spades"]Place of publication: Twilight of the Gods - Leningrad: State Publishing House of Fiction. Yellow jacket - Fourth.. read more >


Durskin M. S. "Petrushka" Stravinskogo.

Place of publication: Leningrad: Leningrad Philharmonic Year of publishing: 1935. Pages and Illustrations: 26 pp., il. Size: 14x10,5 cm.As of April 2021, KVK and WorldCat show three copies in libraries outside Russia. Rare... read more >


Stravinsky I. Petrushka.

Place of publication: St. Petersburg.Bureau for the working spectator of Leningrad state theaters. Year of publishing: 1933. Pages and Illustrations: 30 p. Size: 13,5x9,8 cm... read more >


Mikhail Bulgakov. Theatrical Novel.

Place of publication: USSR Typography: Noviy Mir magazine Year of publishing: 1965Theatrical Novel (also A Dead Man's Memoir) is an unfinished novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Written in first-person, on behalf of a writer Sergei Maksudov, the novel tell.. read more >