Wilde O. (Bloksem J.) [Fake Wilde] Tsar’ zhizni (The King of Life).

Place of publication: Moscow: IcarusYear of publishing: 1908Pages and Illustrations: 54 p.A scandalous story of love between an abbot and a 14-year-old novice, which ends in a collective suicide on the altar. In this edition (the only Russian one), i.. read more >

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Mikhail Terentyev. [Convolute] The grammars Turkish, Persian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek + Turkish, Persian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek anthologies.

Place of publication: Sankt-Petersburg: Printing House of the Imperial Academy of SciencesYear of publishing: 1875, 1876Pages and Illustrations: 209 p. + 96 p., 8 sheets of the appendix.Size: 15x22 cm.Two books in one binding. Mikhail Afrikanovi.. read more >


Bret Garth. California Stories.

First Russian editionBiography and portrait of the writer, translated by A. S. Razmadze.Place of publication: Moscow: Ed. Elizabeth HerbeckYear of publishing: 1887Pages and Illustrations: 322 p.Garth's works penetrated into Russia quite early (the fi.. read more >


Solovyov V. Kritika otvlechennykh nachal (The Critique of Abstract Principles).

Place of publication: Moscow: Universitetskaya tipografiya (University's printing house)Year of publishing: 1880Pages and Illustrations: (5), 440 pp.Vladimir Sergeevich Solovyov (1853-1903) — a Russian religious thinker, mystic, poet and publicist, .. read more >

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Prekrasnoye daleko. Zhurnal esteticheskikh obrazov, mechtaniy o starinnom i vpechatleniy puteshestvuyushchikh, Ed. year 3 [Beautiful Far Away. A magazine of aesthetic images, dreams about the past, impressions of travelers, Ed. year 3]

Place of publication: Moscow: B. A. SokolovYear of publishing: 1914Pages and Illustrations: 48 pp., ill. A magazine in artistic paperback form. Owner's print at the title page. Pencil notes on the backside of the back cover. Black-and-white photos.. read more >


Nitsshe F. Tak govoril Zaratustra [Nietzsche F. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Also sprach Zarathustra].

Place of publication: St. Petersburg: Printing house of M. M. StalyusevichYear of publishing: 1899Pages and Illustrations: (1), 103 pp.Тext in German and in Russian. Friedrich Nietzsche and Fyodor Dostoyevsky are key figures in the transition.. read more >


Angliyskiy zhurnal dlya russkikh “The Englishman”, issues 1, 7, 9 (An English magazine for Russians "The Englishman").

Place of publication: Petrograd (St. Petersburg)Typography: The BLAGO Publishing CompanyYear of publishing: 1915Pages and Illustrations: №. 1, 96 pp., ill.; №. 7, 95 pp., ill.; № 9, 96 pp., ill. An English magazine for Russians "The Englishman"&.. read more >


Tschaikowsky P. (Tchaikovsky P.) La dame de pique opera (The Queen of Spades Opera).

Place of publication: Moscow: Music publishing house of P. JurgensonYear of publishing: 1890-sPages and Illustrations: 173 pp.In Russian. Contemporary cover with a bit of dirty, emblem of the publishing house on the back cover, owner’s inscr.. read more >


Woman and Jupe Culotte (skirt-pants). The evolution of modern fashion. Ed. V. Murid

Place of publication: Kiev Typography: P.I. Bonadurer Year of publishing: 1910 Pages and Illustrations: 168 p., 4 ill.The book, which today we would call feminist, is devoted to the problems of women's fashion and, first of all, to the wearing of.. read more >