Place of publication: Petrograd (Saint-Petersburg): Tretya strazha
Year of publishing: 1923
Pages and Illustrations: 93 p.
Size: 17.5 x 12 cm.

In the publisher's illustrated cover by N.P.Akimov, avant-garde designe. Minimal tears of the cover. There is a rare drawing on the front cover (it is almost always lost) — a sticker with an allegorical profile of Dostoevsky.

From the preface: "The Petersburg period of the beginning of his (Dostoevsky's) literary career seems to have been unusually stormy in sexual relations. Here, his sensuality pushed him not only to decent women, but "lost, but lovely creatures" were also not forgotten... So, he complains to his brother in a letter: "Minushki, Clarushki, Mariannas have become extremely prettier, but they are worth terrible money." The author analyzes Dostoevsky's personal novels and casual relationships and the influence of the writer's "sexual energy" on his work. "The Underground of Genius" is a study based on the famous theory of psychoanalysis of Z. Freud. 

Very rare. WorldCat shows only one book copy in British Library ( other libraries have microforms only).

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