Place of publication: Moscow-Berlin
Year of publishing: 1924
Pages and Illustrations: XXV, 117 pp.

With a foreword by Karl Radek. Translated from German by V. and I. Aranovich. 

Early Soviet fascination with Western industrialization is captured in the unattributed Constructivist wrapper design of this text about the German industrialist and politician Hugo Stinnes (1870-1924), the wealthiest man in Germany at the time. A portrait of Stinnes, "a steel baron" who made his fortune during WWI, is composed of a striking photomontage of steel mills, machine parts, and rail tracks by actor and graphic artist Petr Galadzhev (1900-1971). 

Piotr Galadzhev - painter, graphic artist, scene-designer, actor. He studied at the Central Stroganov School of Industrial Art — the First State Art Workshops — the Higher State Artistic and Technical Workshops (VKhUTEMAS, 1909–1920), at the faculty of graphic art under the guidance of V. A. Favorsky and D. A. Shcherbinovsky. At the same time, Galadzhev studied acting techniques in the studio of the Union of workers' organizations for art and public education, under the guidance of F. F. Komissarzhevsky and in the studio of L. V. Kuleshov in the State School of Cinematography (1923–1925).

An introduction was written by the Communist leader Karl Radek (1885-1939) who knew Stinnes personally. "The last internationalist," Radek was a proponent of close relations between Germany and the USSR. Initially a supporter of Trotsky, and part of the New Left opposition in the Soviet Union, he eventually fell victim to Stalinist terror, making this and his other writings scarce. KVK and Worldcat indicate one copy at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin only.

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