Place of publication: Sankt-Petersburg: Printing House of the Imperial Academy of Sciences
Year of publishing: 1875, 1876
Pages and Illustrations: 209 p. + 96 p., 8 sheets of the appendix.
Size: 15x22 cm.

Two books in one binding.

Mikhail Afrikanovich Terentyev (1837-1909) - Lieutenant General, military orientalist and historian, linguist, lawyer. He served in Turkestan, participated in military operations in Bukhara and Khiva. He was engaged in technical improvements in the military field. He published multilingual dictionaries and anthologies. He participated in the Russian-Turkish war. He wrote books: "Russia and England in the Struggle for Markets", St. Petersburg, 1875 and "Russia and England in Central Asia", St. Petersburg, 1875, "The History of the Conquest of Central Asia" in three volumes, St. Petersburg, 1903-1906.

Good condition, the last pages of the application are dirty.

Rare editions, especially anthologies, copies of which Worldcat shows only in two libraries around the world.

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