First flight Moscow-New York.

Place of publication: Moscow: AeroflotYear of publishing: 1960sAdvertising booklet of the largest Soviet-Russian airline Aeroflot of the 1960s. Advertising edition of the Moscow-New York flight. Work on an agreement on the beginning of passenger traf.. read more >


The CMEA building in Moscow (Zdanie SEV v Moskve).

Place of publication: Moscow: IskusstvoYear of publishing: 1971Pages and Illustrations: 198 p., ill.Size: 26,7 ? 21 cm.An interesting source of Soviet architecture 1960-70s. Decree "On the elimination of excesses in design and construction" (1955) pu.. read more >


All-Union Printing Exhibition. The first collection.

Place of publication: Moscow: Union Printing ExhibitionYear of publishing: 1927Pages and Illustrations: [102] p., [20]  sh. ill.Size: 34.5 ? 26.5 cm.The All-Union Printing Exhibition was opened on September 15, 1927 in Moscow on Krymsky Val.. read more >


Troshin N. Fundamentals of composition in photography. Experience in determining the basics of building a photographic image.

Place of publication: Moscow: OgonekYear of publishing: 1929Pages and Illustrations: 120 p.Nikolai Troshin (1897-1990). The artist was born in Tula. His professional studies began at the Penza Art School, which was later transformed into a department.. read more >


Khavkina L. B. New York Public Library.

Place of publication: MoscowYear of publishing: 1914.Pages and Illustrations: 47 p., ill.Lyubov Borisovna Khavkina (1871-1949) was a Russian theorist and organizer of library science, a major librarian and bibliographer.In 1891, she was one of the or.. read more >


The first Soviet steamship "Comrade Stalin".

Place of publication: Leningrad: Publishing house of the Leningrad SudotrestYear of publishing: 1927Pages and Illustrations: 38 p., ill., plans, tablesSize: 26х18 сm.A rare departmental publication dedicated to the first Soviet steamship na.. read more >


Who, what, and when at the Moscow Chamber Theater: MKT 1914X1924.

Place of publication: Moscow: 16th printing house "Mospoligraf"Year of publishing: 1925Pages and Illustrations: 40 p.: ill. Size: 34,7х25 cmEdition and design of the cover by Stenbergs. The classic of book constructivism.Stenbergs, brothers Vlad.. read more >

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Pravda o religii v Rossii [The Truth About Religion in Russia].

Place of publication: Moscow: Moskovskaya patriarkhiya (Moscow Patriarchate)Year of publishing: 1942Pages and Illustrations: 458 pp., ill.An example of Soviet propaganda. Historian Sergei Firsov linked the appearance of this book with Joseph Stalin'.. read more >


The list of icons of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius before the 18th century and the most typical of the 18-th and 19-th centuries. + Suppliments 1, 2, 3. Commission for the Protection of Monuments of Art and Antiquities of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra

Place of publication: Sergiev Year of publishing: 1920-1927 Pages and Illustrations: [2] 268; 4, 8, 34 p., 1 ill.4 volumes (full set). Count Yuri Olsufiev (1878–1938), a Russian art critic and restorer, son of the Adjutant General, mareschal, chief.. read more >

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Aron Gefter. On grim. Karikaturn (Without makeup. Caricatures)

Place of publication: Moscow Typography: Der Emes Year of publishing: 1933 Pages and Illustrations: 12 p., 65 ill.The album of political cartoons of Aron Naumovich Gefter (1894–1963), a graphic artist, graduate of Vilno Art College, Higher Art and.. read more >

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