Vasiliev, V. P. Manchurian reader for initial teaching.

Place of publication: Saint-Petersburg Typography: Imperial Academy of Sciences Year of publishing: 1863 Pages and Illustrations: 224 p."Portrait of the artist in his youth" — the first and partly autobiographical novel of the Irish writer James J.. read more >


Omolozhenije v Rossii ["Rejuvenation" in Russia].

Place of publication: Leningrad Typography: Medicine Year of publishing: 1924 Pages and Illustrations: 144 p.A collection of scientific articles on the subject that was extremely popular in those years — rejuvenation of the body through surgical i.. read more >


Dielectrics and their technical application (with 190 pictures). The main electrical engineering management of the Supreme Economic Council.

Place of publication: Moscow Year of publishing: 1924 Pages and Illustrations: 388, IV p.Scientific work of the outstanding Russian philosopher, theologian, poet and scientist, priest Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky (1882–1937). Rare book. Condition:.. read more >


A Guide to Didactics, or the Science of Teaching.

Place of publication: Sankt Petersburg Typography: Typ. of Conrad Wingeber Year of publishing: 1837 Pages and Illustrations: [6], 166 p. Condition: Uncut copy in original wrapper, very good condition.Alexander Gr. Obodovsky (1796–1852) — a geogra.. read more >