Place of publication: USSR
Typography: Red Niva
Year of publishing: 1924
Pages and Illustrations: 104 p.

The first translation of Joyce into the Russian language. This edition consists of stories by English writers and includes translation of " Counterparts", a story from “Dubliners”. Library steps, one page lost (from the last story). All pages with Joyce are in good condition.

Joyce's long and difficult journey to the Russian reader began with this publication. As for the translation of "Dubliners" into Russian, here Joyce's collection of short stories was waiting for a difficult fate. After first publication in a small supplement of the magazine "Red Niva", the first separate edition of "Dubliners" appeared in 1927. Translated from English and foreword by E. N. Fedotova. Cover by George Fitingof. In the mid-30s, the First Translation Association under the leadership of Ivan Kashkin began working on Joyce's collection "Dubliners". The collection was published in 1937 without specifying the names of the translators. The author of the afterword was forced to hide under a pseudonym. The names of the translators became known only in 1982, 45 years after the first publication, when a new edition of "Dubliners" was prepared in the appendix to the magazine "Foreign Literature".

Worldcat shows only four copies, all in US libraries.

Detail name England. Collection of new works Series: Library of the "Red Niva" M. Izvestia CEC of the USSR and the Central Executive Committee 1924 104 p.
Place of publication USSR
Typography Red Niva
Year of publishing 1924
Pages and Illustrations 104 p.
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