Place of publication: Kiew - Charkow
Year of publishing: 1935
Pages and Illustrations: 36 p.
Size: 123 x 167 mm

One of the most famous works of the poet and translator Samuel Marshak. Drawings and cover of the famous artist V. Lebedev.

The story told to Marshak by academician Dmitry Mushketov was the impetus for the creation of the poem — about how one of the American tourists stayed in Leningrad without a hotel room after he refused to settle in the same hotel with a black man.

The poem was published in German, since it was intended for distribution among the Russian Germans, in the USSR there lived about one and a half million. Rare book in good condition.

Children's book, literature, Russian literature

Detail name Marshak S. Mister Twister. In German. Kiew - Charkow. State publishing house of national minorities of the USSR. 1935 36 pp. Publishing cover.
Place of publication Kiew - Charkow
Year of publishing 1935
Pages and Illustrations 36 p.
Size 123 x 167 mm
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