Place of publication: Yaroslavl: Publishing House of the Credit Union of Cooperatives
Year of publishing: 1920
Pages and Illustrations: 291 + V p.

A very rare edition of a world-famous sociologist. Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin (1889 - 1968) was a Russian-American sociologist and political activist, who contributed to the social cycle theory. Pitirim Sorokin formed the Russian school of sociology of criminal law and criminology. Pitirim Sorokin's Publicly Available Sociology Textbook, which contains articles from different years, highlights the work "Nationality, the National Question and Social Equality," written in the Russian period of Pitirim Sorokin's life. He noted that the problem of national identity has a social character. Sorokin's work addressed three significant theories: social differentiation, social stratification, and social conflict is magnum opus In Social and Cultural Dynamics.

Pitrim Sorokin has had a great, formative influence on American and world sociology. 

Copy is complete. Publishing covers under the binding`s covers.

Very rare, WorldCat locates the University of Chicago Library copy only.

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