Place of publication: Irkutsk: printing and lithography house of P. Makushin and V. Posohin
Year of publishing: 1909
Pages and Illustrations: 340 pp. 

One of the first dictionaries of the Buryat language is the "Russian-Mongol-Buryat Dictionary" by I. A. Podgorbunsky, which was published in 1909.

Podgorbunsky Innokenty Aleksandrovich (1862-1913) — a priest, missionary, teacher of the Buryat and Mongolian languages ??at the Irkutsk Theological Seminary, Mongolian scholar, translator, researcher of Buryat Buddhism, shamanism, folklore and the colloquial language of Mongolian people, editor of Irkutsk Diocesan Gazette, photographer.

The focus of the researcher was the religious beliefs of the Mongolian peoples — shamanism and Buddhism. He was closely acquainted with Buddhist literature and was engaged in its translation into Russian, investigated issues related to the views of Buddhists on the place of women in society, Buddhist astrology, the number of Buddhists in Russia and in the world. He paid great attention to the study of ethnography, mythology, folklore and animistic beliefs of the Buryats. In recent years, he focused on the issues of the language of the Mongols and Buryats, in 1909 the Russian-Mongolian-Buryat Dictionary, prepared by him, was published.

Publishing cover. Pieces of ex-libris of an unknown owner on the backside of the front cover. Notes on the backside of the back cover. Similar prints on the cover, title page and pages. A note on the title page. Pencil notes on the pages.

Abrasions on the cover, on the spine and angles there’s fabric because an upper material was destroyed. A pencil note on the front cover. Pages are in good condition.

Vere rare.

As of April 2021, KVK and WorldCat show no one copy in libraries outside Russia.

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