Place of publication: Moscow: Tea-Kino-Pechat’
Year of publishing: 1927
Pages and Illustrations: 4 p.
Size: 16,6 х 8,2 cm.

"Growl, China!" was one of the most famous performances of TIM (Meyerhold`s Theater). Staged by V. Fedorov. Until 1927, Fedorov as an actor, set designer, and then as a director worked at TIM. The performances in this theatre were staged only by the artistic director himself (Meyerhold).  Fedorov was fortunate only once enough to stage the performance Growl, China! under the direction of Meyerhold based on the play by S. M. Tretyakov. This staging led to a conflict between the teacher and the student. The author of the play is the famous futurist — Sergei Tretyakov, whose name after his arrest in 1937 became banned for publication. The rarest artifact of the early Soviet era, Russian-Soviet theatre. Covers made in the сonstructivist style of A. Rodchenko.

This ephemera was published without title page, only cover and 2 sheets of text

Place of publication Moscow: Tea-Kino-Pechat’
Year of publishing 1927.
Pages and Illustrations 4 pp.
Size 16,6 х 8,2 см
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