Place of publication: Sverdlovsk: Sverdggiz
Year of publishing: 1943
Pages and Illustrations: 55 sec.

Cover and drawings of the artist Tauber V. 

Pavel Petrovich Bazhov (1879 - Moscow) — a Russian and Soviet writer, folklorist, journalist. He gained fame as the author of the Ural tales. The most famous was his collection "Malachite Box". The artist — Tauber Victor Isaevich — a  graphic designer, artist of the book, studied at VHUTEIN (1922-1923). He drew for the magazine "Murzilka". He illustrated the tales of G. H. Andersen, the tales of the Brothers Grimm, created picture books and a number of excellent autolithographs on the fairy tales. In the last years of his life he worked on illustrations for "The Master and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov.

The book "Tales of the Germans" — an example of the implementation of the social order in a situation of war with Germany. The qualities of the Russian people are glorified, and the Germans are described in a comic or negative way. The German is greedy and cunning, he steals. Indispensable signs of Germans — satiety, fat belly, whitish eyes, in addition, they are "oak-bearing" and "dung." The Germans live closed, celebrating holidays in a closed way.

A rare fairy-propaganda edition of the Second World War, not republished afterwards. Good condition, some illustrations are very neatly hand-painted.

As of April 2021, KVK and WorldCat show no copies in libraries outside Russia.

Detail name Bazhov Pavel. Tales of the Germans. Cover and drawings of the artist Tauber V. Sverdlovsk Sverdggiz 1943. 55 sec., iIl.
Year of publishing 1943
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