Paul Petrovich Bazhov (1879 - Moscow) - Russian and Soviet writer, folklorist, journalist. He gained fame as the author of the Ural tales. The most famous was his collection "Malachite Box". The artist - Tauber Victor Isaevich. Schedule, an artist of the book, studied at VHUTEIN (1922-1923). He painted for the magazine `Murzilka`. He illustrated the tales of G. H. Andersen, the tales of the Brothers Grimm, created picture books and a number of excellent autolithographs on the tales of fairy tales. The last years of his life worked on illustrations for `The Master and Margarita` by M. Bulgakov.

The book "Tales of the Germans" - an example of the implementation of the social order in a situation of war with Germany. The qualities of the Russian people are glorified, and the Germans are described in a comic or negative way. The German is greedy and cunning, he steals. An indispensable sign of Germans-men - satiety, fat belly, whitish eyes, in addition, they are "oak-bearing" and "dung." The Germans live closed, celebrating holidays in a closed way. A rare fairy-propaganda edition of the Second World War, not republished afterwards. Good condition, some illustrations are very neatly hand-painted.

Detail name Bazhov Pavel. Tales of the Germans. Cover and drawings of the artist Tauber V. Sverdlovsk Sverdggiz 1943. 55 sec., iIl.
Year of publishing 1943
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